Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List

Best South Indian Suspense Thriller Movies Dubbed in Hindi List

Best south indian movies dubbed in hindi download

Friends, I am telling you the best thriller Movie in the South which is also on YouTube, If you have not seen it then definitely watch it once.

Khatarnak Policewala Movie

ACP Vetrimaaran, a dedicated police officer assigned to Chennai, discovers a significant criminal network including medical professionals while looking into the disappearance of a woman. Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List Watch the movie here.

Vikram Vedha Movie

The critically acclaimed film Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List Vikram Vedha, which stars R. Madhavan and Vijay Senthupathi in pivotal parts, depicts the pursuit of a criminal named Vedha by a police officer named Vikram and his assistant While they are attempting to arrest Vikram.

Nevertheless, the story takes an unexpected swerve when Vedha voluntarily surrenders and tells a story that causes Vikram’s life to be turned upside down.

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Suspense Movie Hindi Dubbed List

Drushyam Movie

Those who have seen the more recent version of Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List “Drishyam” (the remake) may already be familiar with the plot of the original film.

In spite of this, being a witness to George Kutty and his family enduring a trying trial that ultimately results in a relieving conclusion is an event that continues to have a great deal of fascination.

U-Turn Movie

The film “U-Turn” follows a newspaper intern and a criminal reporter investigating flyover accidents. She becomes a suspect in the murder of a driver on the same flyover, complicating the story.

Intelligent Khiladi Movie

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List Gopi, a graduate, becomes a suspect in a plot to assassinate two RAW operatives on the day of his graduation in the Movieor tale titled “Intelligent Khiladi.”

This plot takes place on the day of Gopi’s graduation.

As a direct consequence of this, he is branded a wanted terrorist and is required to provide evidence of his lack of guilt while also shedding light on the real offenders.

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Thadam Movie

In the drama “Thadam,” as the authorities are investigating a murder case, they come across two suspected culprits who have a striking likeness to each other but do not appear to be familiar with each other.

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Ratsasan Movie

The movie “Ratsasan” has finally hit theatres. The protagonist, Arun, gives up on his dream of becoming a filmmaker in favour of a career in police enforcement after the death of his father.

He embarks on a mission to catch a psychotic killer who targets teenage girls at schools.

Maayavan Movie

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List Law enforcement is looking into a murder investigation that appears to fit the profile of a serial murderer.

The investigation, however, becomes increasingly difficult as he pieces together the killer’s profile.

Irumbu Thirai (The Return of abhimanyun) Movie

The film follows a military man who fights hackers who want official data. The film
grossed over ₹100 crore globally after its commercial success.

In other places, the film is called Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List “The Return of
This is because Abhimanyu is a military officer.

No other film called “The Return of Abhimanyu” is a remake or sequel.

Watch movie here

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The 2002 Tamil film “Abhimanyu” is about Abhimanyu. The historical drama was written and directed by Bharathiraja. The film stars Radha, Meena, and Vijayakanth.

Teddy  Movie

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List (Teddy) Sathish, Sayyeshaa, and Arya all have starring roles in this movie.

The plot centers on a young woman by the name of Srividya who is placed in a coma by dishonest medical professionals.

Her spirit passes into a teddy bear and goes in search of a solitary man named Shiva in order to solve medical mysteries.

The movie is a combination of several genres, including humor, drama, and action, and it deals with topics such as love, betrayal, and redemption.

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Doctor Movie

Doctor was launched in Tamil in 2021 and dubbed into Hindi. Sivakarthikeyan, Priyanka Arul Mohan, Vinay Rai, Yogi Babu, and Milind Soman star. The film is about a young doctor who fights medical corruption as a vigilante.

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List

The film grossed over ₹100 crore worldwide, proving its commercial success. Its actions, performances, and social message were lauded.

Yashoda Movie

Samantha, Unni Mukundan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, and Murali Sharma star. Yashoda, a young woman, becomes a surrogate mother to find her sister in the film. She soon learns the surrogacy centre has a nasty secret.Indian young woman Yashoda lives in a tiny town. After struggling to make ends meet, a surrogacy centre approaches her. The centre pays her a lot to bear a child for a wealthy couple.

Dashing Detective (Thupparivaalan) Movie

A little boy from Visakhapatnam approaches Kaniyan, a detective from Visakhapatnam, and asks him to look into the circumstances surrounding the death of his favourite dog. Nevertheless, it points Kaniyan in the direction of a broader scheme that involves a lethal assassin. Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List

Watch movie here

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Arul is given the responsibility of conducting an investigation into the slaying of a dog, which ultimately leads him to uncover a greater plot.

 Enemy  Movie

The film follows childhood pals Vishal and Arya. Vishal runs a profitable business, while Arya plays thug. Arya asks Vishal for aid escaping the police, reuniting the two buddies after years.Vishal attempts to help Arya, but he realises he has changed. Because of his ruthlessness and violence, Arya will do anything to protect himself.

Despite knowing Arya is risky, Vishal must decide whether to help his friend. He should hand him up to the police.The film addresses friendship, betrayal, and redemption. Until the finish, this action-packed thriller will have you guessing. Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List

Best South Thriller Dubbed Movie in Hindi 2022

 Jack and denial Movie

Kerala Home Minister Koyapparamban and the CM ask Daniel Alexander IPS to catch Jackson ‘Jack’ Mathew, a crook who steals black money and leaves no trace.

Jack committed 14 robberies and stole ₹1,780 crore. Daniel takes the job and learns that Jack recently robbed an ISBC Bank.

He studies the CCTV tape and discovers that one person went to the bathroom with an empty bag but came back with a full bag while the media was covering the crime. Daniel thinks Jack disguised himself as a cinematographer.

CCTV shows Daniel almost seeing Jack’s face, but people block him. Daniel leads SI Hari and DYSP Philipose to where Jack parked his car after he robbed the bank.

Daniel discovers Jack was not working alone using the neighboring shopping mall CCTV. Jack accidentally displays his face to the CCTV after a bird hits him, and Daniel sees it too.

Daniel learns more about Jack’s business. To prove Jack is the thief, Philipose, Hari, and other officers act as income tax officers and raid his house. Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List

Godse  Movie

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List (Godse Movie) Negotiating officer Vaishali is Arvind’s bride. After one robber kills a pregnant captive and the other slits her throat, she fails to save her.

Vaishali must negotiate with Nathuram Godse, who kidnaps numerous high-profile businesspeople and SP Sameer, 63 days later. Vaishali negotiates with Godse while cops surround his hidden island headquarters.

Vaishali must bring Industrial Minister Phani Kumar, Godse said. After answering several questions, Godse kills Sameer despite DGP threats.

Vaishali leaves after insulting the Home Secretary and discovers Godse is Viswanath Ramachandra, a London businessman.

Godse threatens and kidnaps his minister uncle at knifepoint to force Anand Kumar to leave and says he wants to negotiate with Vaishali only. Godse calls Vaishali and advises her to call MP Ajay Sarathy.

Godse asks Ajay about killing his pregnant wife Shalini by claiming it was a robbery, which Vaishali had negotiated, and brings the goon who killed her.

Maghadheera Movie

In 2009, Harsha was a street bike racer who was traveling on an auto with his friend to the airport. He spots the blurry outline of a woman trying to flag the auto down and gestures to her that it is already occupied.

As he does, their fingers accidentally touch, and Harsha feels an electric current passing through him, which triggers a few fleeting images.

After recovering from the shock, he flees the auto in search of the girl and inquires about her to a woman named Indira “Indu”, unaware that Indu is the same woman.

Indu, thinking he is stalking her, misdirects him by convincing him that the girl is her neighbor. She and her friends exploit Harsha, having him take them to places and promising that the girl will show.

After Harsha beats up a group of men who are verbally harassing Indu, she starts to fall in love with him. Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List

Watch movie here

Dhruva Movie

Training IPS officers Dhruva, Gautham, Ranveer, and Karan covertly help police catch a group who kidnapped four females. An unknown number sends Dhruva a cryptic text message saying they know about their secretive actions.

Ishika, Dhruva’s girlfriend and forensic pathologist, meets them in the evening. Later that night, they witness the grab and murder of social activist Ramarao. Dhruva and his friend arrest the gang and leader and inform the police.

Four days later, the gang leader meets the Home minister at the IPS. Political and organized criminality shocks Dhruva and his pals. Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List

watch movie here

Yavadu Movie

Satya and Deepthi are lovers in Visakhapatnam, where Veeru Bhai, a vile don, crushes Deepthi.

Deepthi and Satya flee when Veeru Bhai kills Deepthi’s parents and board a bus to Hyderabad, but three men—Deva, Ajay, and Inspector Sravan—stop the bus and board.

Deva stabbed Satya and slit Deepthi’s throat in front of him. Satya is nearly killed by a stab. The three set fire to the bus before fleeing, killing Satya.

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Ekkadiki Movie

Arjun realizes he has fallen for a woman who is strikingly similar to his ex-girlfriend, who also abruptly ended their relationship. A woman, however, has recently been Arjun’s new love interest.

She had been possessed by a spirit named Amala, he discovered when he went looking for her.

This is what he learned in his search for her. He then persisted in his efforts to locate her. Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List


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