5 Ways to Show Your Friends You Care on International Friendship Day

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About friendship day

International Friendship Day  – Several nations celebrate friendship on Friendship Day, also known as the International Friendship Day or Friend’s Day.

The greeting card and friendship band many more friendship related item  industry was responsible for  initial promotion, but social websites  have revealed in interest in Friendship Day, particularly in India, friendship day in india­  6 august 2023, happy friendship 2022 , Bangladesh, and Malaysia.

Social media, mobile phones, and digital communication have all helped to make the tradition more common.


The custom of designating a day in honor of friends is said to have started in the United States in 1935, according to those who support the holiday in South Asia.

Every year on July 30, people worldwide commemorate, when is international friendship day 30 july 2023     International Friendship.

When is  friendship day in india  6 august 2023 many other country friendship day 30 july 2023.

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Friendship Day was formally established in 2011 by the United Nations.

International Friendship Day of the day is to highlight the importance of friendship across country, peoples, and civilizations.

Around the world, people celebrate the this  day in a variety of ways. With their friends, some people exchange greeting cards and hand band.

Others take their friends to a movie or out to dinner. Others only spend time with their pals and express their gratitude for them.

Make special plans with your friends.

happy international friendship day 2022 : The History and Significance of This Special Day.


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International Friendship Day Greetings

 Regardless of how you choose to observe Friendship Day, the most crucial aspect is letting your friends know how much you value them.

Friendship is a priceless gift that should be valued.

Here are some other interesting facts about International Friendship Day:

1 The World Friendship Crusade, a global group that fosters friendship, petitioned the United Nations for many years to declare July 30 as World Friendship Day.

2 The first official Friendship Day was observed in Paraguay in 1958.

3 The United Nations designated Winnie the Pooh as the world’s Ambassador of Friendship in 1998.

4 On International friendliness Day, you can see people wearing blue because the color is frequently connected to friendliness.

happy international friendship day 2023

Is Friendship Day on 7 August or 30 July?

Around the world, Friendship is celebrate  different days. The 30th of July is designated as International Friendship Day by the USA,UN.

First Sunday in August, which falls on August 6, 2023, numerous nations—including India in date  30 july.

Bangladesh, and the United States—celebrate Friendship Day.

What is special on 7 August?

Because it is National Handloom Day on August 7, that day holds significant significance in India.

This day honors the contribution that handloom weaving has made to Indian culture and the economy.

India has been using handlooms as a traditional method of producing textiles for millennia.

Millions of people depend on them for a living, and they create gorgeous, long-lasting fabrics of the highest caliber.

On National Handloom Day, people all around India recognize the handloom weaving tradition and the nation’s handloom weavers’ efforts.

1National Lighthouse Day,

2 Purple Heart Day,

3 Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day

4 Aged Care Staff Day

5 Day of Professional Speakers

6 Breastfeeding Awareness Week

Be sure to observe National Handloom Day on August 7 if you find yourself in India.

And even if you’re not in India, you can still find out why handloom weaving is important and how you can help preserve this age-old craft.

The following celebrations and festivals fall on August 7 in addition to National Handloom Day:

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