Motivational Story in English How did king control his pride


Motivational Story in English How did king control his pride

The king of a kingdom, seeing his increasing age, decided that he would now retire from the throne. But he had no son to whom he could hand over the kingdom and free himself from the responsibility.

The king had a daughter, whose marriage the king also had to plan. Therefore, he called the ministers and said that whoever enters the city first thing in the morning will be appointed the king of this place and his daughter will also be married to him.

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Then the next day the soldiers of the kingdom brought a young man dressed in tatters and he was anointed as the kingdom.

king married his daughter Motivational Story in English

King married his daughter to that young man, handed over his responsibilities and himself left for the forest.

Gradually time passed and the young man took over the reins of the kingdom and started serving the kingdom like a good king.

What was in  small room? Motivational Story in English

There was a small room in that palace, the key of which the king always kept hanging around his waist.

He would go to that room once a week. He would stay inside for half an hour and after coming out, he would put a big lock on that room and start doing his other work.

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In this way, when the king repeatedly went to that room, the commander would be surprised that the treasurer had all the treasure of the kingdom, all the gems, gems, diamonds and jewels.

I have the keys of the army armory and the keys of other valuable documents are with the minister.

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Then what is there in this small room, that the king goes inside here every week and comes out after some time.

Why commander could not control

The commander could not control himself, he mustered up the courage and asked the king, “King, if you excuse me, please tell me what is the thing in that room for whose safety you are so concerned.”

The king said angrily: Commander, this is not a matter for you to ask, never ask this question again.

Now the suspicion of the commander increased even more, gradually the ministers and councilors also tried to ask the king, but the king did not tell the secret of that room to anyone.

The matter reached the queen and you know that no one can obey a woman’s stubbornness, the queen gave up eating and drinking and started insisting on knowing the truth of that room.

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At last the king was forced to go to the room with the commander and other councilors and opened the door.

When the door of the room opened, there was nothing inside except a torn cloth which was hanging on a peg on the wall.

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The minister asked, “Maharaj, there is nothing here.”

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Taking that torn cloth in his hand, the king said in a sad voice that this is my everything.

How did king control his pride Motivational Story in English

Whenever I feel even a little bit arrogant, I come here and look at these clothes.

I remember that when I came to this state, I had nothing except this torn cloth. Then my mind becomes calm and my pride vanishes, then I come back outside.

Ego is like fire, which burns a person with its heat. Also, a person who is truly grown up keeps vices like ego away from himself.

We too should not be proud of our achievements, our position and prestige and should always be modest and charitable.


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