Saira Banu Joins Instagram on the Anniversary of Dilip Kumar’s Death, Posting “For My Kohinoor”

Saira Banu Joins Instagram

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Saira Banu Joins Instagram on Dilip Kumar Death Anniversary

Saira Banu Joins Instagram on the Anniversary of Dilip Kumar‘s Death, Posting “For My Kohinoor

On Friday, July 7, the second anniversary of her late husband and cinematic star Dilip Kumar’s passing, veteran performer Saira Banu made her Instagram debut.

Saira’s very first social media post was a tribute to Dilip.

Saira Banu Joins Instagram
image Credit: Instagram/Sairabanu

Saira shared two old photos of herself and her late spouse and wrote a touching message for him.

The verse “Sukoon-E-Dil Ke Liye Kuch Toh Ehtemaam Karoon, Zara Nazar Jo Miley Phir Unhe Salaam Karoon, Mujhe Toh Hosh Nahin Aap Mashwara Dijiyey, Kaha Se Chedoon Fasana Kahan Tamaam Karoon” was used as the caption for her post.

Saira Banu Instagram

Saira Banu also wrote, “I am writing this note on the 7th of July 2023.

“This is the day, “7th of July” at “7 am,” she said, “when time stood still and my loved one sank into a deep sleep.” I begged God to have “Sahib,” as I often referred to him, respond to one of his favorite couplets.

“My loved one is in slumber so my entire world is still,” she said in her message.

I beg him to get up so that his action of awakening may bring the world back to life.

We shall continue to travel the road of life together, hand in hand, and united in our thoughts and being till the end of time, no matter what.

Image Credit: Instagram/#dilipkumar

I still sense he is with me.

She said, “Dilip Sahib has been that Iconic guiding light not only for my life but for all those generations who have stepped forward in their lives exemplified by his gracious presence and personality.

“In explaining to her admirers why Saira Banu Joins Instagram, she stated.”

Saira Banu Joins Instagram

He was not just the best actor of all time, but also an excellent person being who epitomized humility and decency.

“On Instagram, I would like to share his life, his thoughts, and vision, as well as his dedication and commitments not only to the film industry, of which he has been the Ultimate Actor but also to various other activities towards society and the well-being of the world at large,” Saira wrote.

Dilip and Saira were married for 55 years before Dilip’s untimely death.

Dilip was supposedly 44 and Saira was 22 when they were married.

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