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By Parveen Sharma

Top 10 Beautiful  Places in South America

Image Source: Twitter

21 November 2023

Image Source: Twitter

Angel Falls

Highest Waterfall , and second national park in Venezuela

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

World salt flat

Machu Picchu, Perú

There is a granite rock here which serves as a solar clock or calendar

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is the world's largest urban forest

Eje Cafetero, Colombia

Due to the hot and rainy climate this site has become a breeding

Isla del Sol, Bolivia

It is famous for many hotels and restaurants here

Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador

This place is famous because of the volcano

Iguazú Falls

Famous for its huge waterfalls

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

famous for food and culture

Mount Roraima, Venezuela

A small yellow frog is found in mountain

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