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By Parveen Sharma

Facts for Stunning Fall Foliage New England Train Tours

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07 december 2023

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Some railway lines are very beautiful which are hidden in the valleys.

Enchanted Tracks

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Many trees decorated with colorful leaves can be seen.

Foliage by the Numbers

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Such markets and railway stations are very beautiful which you will not find anywhere.

Whistle-Stop Wonders

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Are seen as trees change their color according to the season.

Nature's Time Machine

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There are some railway routes which have some scary stories associated with them.

The Ghostly Train

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Along with traveling by train, one can also enjoy the unique food there.

Culinary Caboose Delights

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You can take a lot of material for Instagram reels while traveling by train.

Photographer's Paradise

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Many types of creatures make their homes along the railway tracks.

Wildlife Along the Rails

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Learn about some hidden gems that are easily overlooked.

Hidden Gems in Plain Sight

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You feel connected to the towns and scenes you encounter on rail routes.

Local Legends and Lore

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