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By Parveen Sharma

Top 10 Scenic and beautiful Costal Towns in World

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26 November 2023

Vernazza, Italy

This is a city where there is no car transportation, the houses here are very beautiful

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Famous for its very old roads and big blue buildings

Cefalù, Italy

Famous for swimming and sunbathing

Collioure, France

There have been many famous artists in this city

Port Fairy, Australia

Sun Pharma, a famous medicine manufacturing company, is located here

Rovinj, Croatia

Romantic, historic and famous tourist resorts

Lunenburg, Canada

The house, built in 1750, still stands today, and fishing takes place here

Paraty, Brazil

Here special wine is made from sugarcane

Ærøskøbing, Denmark

There is security here and 750 year old houses can also be seen

Reine, Norway

Different types of fish are found which they catch alive

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