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By Parveen

Travel Blacklists Guide to Avoiding and Overcoming Bans

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15 DECEMBER 2023

Erin Mahoney, a loyal Airbnb customer, faced an unexpected blacklist, leaving her puzzled and without explanation.

Erin's received a ban for a "privacy violation." The lack of details added to their confusion.

Airbnb's left the Mahoneys in the dark. No reasons were given for the sudden ban.

Customer blacklists are a new in travel.

Delta Air Lines urges a nationwide no-fly list for misbehaving passengers, a proposal still pending with the federal government..

Breaking news, insights, and exclusive strategies the industry wants to keep hidden.

Travel bans are making waves on the presidential campaign trail.

Legal aspects companies can ban customers without specific reasons, must be avoided.

Three main reasons for blacklisting: unpaid bills, unacceptable behavior, and credit card disputes.

Getting unbanned involves paying bills, presenting evidence of innocence, and following formal appeal processes.

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